Win the Escape the Rock Tournament and come home with a belt that looks like it should go to a prize fighter who has captured a title. It may not quite compare in the number of baubles, but winning the event at Council Rock North High School — and following it with a victory Saturday at the New Oxford Open — might be as good a 1-2 punch as there is for consecutive weekends in high school wrestling.


When did you start wrestling? I started in sixth grade.
Do you watch a lot of wrestling? I watch the top kids in our area, I watch their matches and take bits and pieces and turn it into my own style. If I’m sitting in my room I’ll be watching FloWrestling, or riding in the car on my way to a tournament, I’ll be watching wrestling. My whole life works around wrestling. Even if I’m not wrestling, I’ll be at my little brother’s tournament. Just watching the sport made me a lot better.
Football teams will script a number of plays entering a game, but does wrestling allow you to go out there and try to set up a specific move? It’s more like what they give me, I’ll take. I’m more of a counter wrestler. If someone takes a bad shot on me, I’m always capitalizing on their mistakes.
What’s the one food you miss during wrestling season? To be honest, I just eat. That’s one thing I love to do. I eat all the time. I don’t really cut weight. Right now, I just eat what I like.
After beating two state placewinners at Council Rock last Sunday, you also won Saturday at the New Oxford Open. What do these wins tell you? It shows me that some of the good kids can’t hang with me. I want to wrestle the best kids. That’s why I want to stay at 152. (Nazareth’s) Sammy Sasso is one of the best kids in the country, and I want to see if I can compete with that.
What plans do you have after high school? I would like to go to a Division I school for business. I’m looking for the best school to set up my future.
You and your brothers all wrestle. Is that, like, the family business? We all go to Mat Assassins and work out together. Sometimes I’ll wrestle my little brother. I think that’s how we got good. Sometimes after practice, I’d go wrestle my older brother, and I think I’m doing the same thing with my little brother.
You keep busy with your out-of-season schedule. What does that entail? I travel to Virginia Duals, Super 32 (in North Carolina), all the nationally ranked tournaments, and I’ll practice in Avoca at Mat Assassins.