Senior Cole Fuller and the Western Wayne wrestling team had a big week. Fuller recorded four pins in four Lackawanna League matches and the Wildcats reclaimed the Division II title by defeating rival Honesdale — the team that took it from them last season — on a criteria tiebreaker.

Fuller pinned Robert Gregory of Montrose in 1:28, John Shnipes from Valley View in 1:42, Honesdale’s Kenny Huber in 2:44 and Tyler Zech of Mountain View in 17 seconds during the week. The last pin gave him 100 for his career and raised his career win total to 127.

Here is more from Fuller’s Athlete of the Week interview:

Other sports I play: Football, track and field
Favorite team: Pittsburgh Steelers
Athletes I admire: Marshawn Lynch, mostly for his bravado. And Conor McGregor because he’s just very good.
Superstitions and rituals: I always wear lucky socks. And I usually eat watermelon before a game, a match or a track meet.

COLE FULLER Western Wayne

Favorite food: I like any Mexican food, but I really like quesadillas.
Is there a food that you don’t eat during wrestling season in order to make weight? Definitely Kay’s hot wing pizza.

Did you know you were approaching the 100-pin milestone and, if so, how did you prepare for it? I knew I was approaching 100 about a week before. My coach told me. But I always try to go into a match and not think about anything else but the match at hand.

How crazy was it that the Honesdale match came down to Criteria H (greater number of first-points scored) to decide the outcome? It was crazy, but it’s always stressed to our team to always get first-period takedowns. Inadvertently, that’s what won us that match. Plus, we have a good scorekeeper.
One of the unspoken things about wrestling is that usually the guy with the first takedown of the match is the winner, for whatever reason. That’s usually how it plays out.

Is there any potential matchup in the postseason you’re looking ahead to that could keep you from the goals you hope to accomplish this season? Not particularly. That’s not really my way of going into a wrestling match. I just try to work my own stuff. Preparing for someone else would change up my style that I’ve been using for so many years.

You are a three-time Times-Tribune All-Region selection in wrestling. In the fall, you made the Times-Tribune All-Region football team. What did that mean to you? It actually was really cool because this was only my second year of football. It’s just a sport that I really took to. I think it’s important to be more of a two-dimensional athlete than one-dimensional. Overall, I think it helps all three sports I play.

Three people I’d like to have dinner with: Barack Obama, I’m a big fan of him. J. Cole, he’s my favorite rapper. Conor McGregor, my favorite athlete.

Post-graduation plans: I definitely want to go college. I’m not sure where yet, though, and I’m undecided what I want to study. I definitely plan on playing a sport after high school.