Supporters of Republican Presidential Nominee Donald Trump — who will darken our regional doorstep yet again tonight — cheered his Sunday night debate performance as a “Yuge” victory over Hillary Clinton, whom The Donald called out as a pathological liar who holds “tremendous hate in her heart.”

He also said he would jail his opponent if he won the election, which is the kind of thing dictators in Banana Republics do, and far beyond the Constitutional powers of an American president. This does not matter to Trump, who is actually running to be King Donald I, or to his base, which would vote for Charles Manson before putting another Clinton in the White House.

Trumpeteers ate it up, but their candidate did nothing to convince a majority of voters to elect him. He was preaching to the choir from the bully pulpit, spewing sentence fragments and tossing red meat to voters he won over long ago. He will no doubt do the same tonight at 6 p.m. at the Mohegan Sun Arena at Casey Plaza and draw a Yuge crowd of Trump Faithful.

Elections, however, are won on the margins, and endless revelations about his ugly attitudes toward women have alienated Yuge swaths of the electorate. Perhaps Trump’s biggest mistake (there were many) Sunday night was saying his “grab them by the you-know-what” crack was just “locker-room talk,” not something he has ever actually done.

In that moment, a clock started ticking. How long will it take for even one woman to come forward and say Donald Trump  sexually assaulted her? I’m typing as fast as I can to beat the breaking news.