50 years ago, tragedy struck a family when Eugene Sesky was killed in a tractor trailer accident along Moosic St. in Scranton.

Mr. Sesky was driving a tractor trailer filled with 15 tons of bananas destined for the A&P Warehouse in South Scranton. While he was traveling down Moosic St. police theorize that his truck’s brakes failed coming down the steep hill. Mr. Sesky’s rig finally stopped when it hit the home of Mr. and Mrs. James Harrison at 102 South Irving Ave.  Mr. Sesky died in the crash.  15 people were also injured.

Here are the pages from the March 19, 1965 edition of the Scranton Times dealing with the accident.  

Sesky Accident Mar 19 1965 Page 1

Closer look at Page 1

Sesky Accident March 19 1965 page 14

Closer look at Page 14

– Brian