This was a bit of a side story at Mark Teixeira’s appearance at PNC Field tonight, but it appears that the RailRiders have settled on a new logo and design for their home jerseys.

Teixeira was asked to don this jersey, which shows the new SWB logo. (I just hope Teixeira doesn’t get sued by Derek Zoolander for borrowing “Blue Steel” for this shot).


So, let’s run down the differences:

1.) The SWB, as vice president of operations Curt Camoni said, is a marriage of the interlocking SWB the Red Barons used from 1989-2006 and the block SWB the franchise brought back when the RailRiders came on the scene in 2013. The SWB is on train tracks, which is what the Porcupine patch on the left arm of last year’s jersey was doing.

2.) Speaking of the porcupine, he’s off the jersey completely. That patch was removed from the left sleeve and has been replaced there by the Yankees’ interlocking NY.

3.) The uniform number is no longer on the front of the jersey.

So, what does everyone think?