886906_1706660269556099_6468247422981607874_oWe released our top 10 local sports stories of the year Dec. 27. Justin Wilson’s death at Pocono was voted the top story of the year, with the PIAA’s transition to six classes at runner-up. Read up on the rest of the list here.

Those were the stories we decided were the most important.

But how about you?

Here are the 10 @sportsTT Tweets that drew the most impressions this year. Remember, these are just the top 10 Tweets from our main account. There’s a good chance Joby Fawcett (@JobyFawcett26), with his loyal legion of JobysJabronis, has a different top 10, probably featuring more of the sports Joby covers (football, basketball, etc.).

10.) Wrestling honor (6,230 impressions)

9.) Bell stays with the Knights (6,730)

8.) Cougars advance to PNC Field (6,850)

7.) Lady Buckhorns capture title (7,163)

6.) Cougars leading the Spartans (7,300)

5.) Cougars beat the Spartans (7,302)

4.) Spring is here (7,591)

3.) Henzes reaches milestone (11,998)

2.) One to go for the Comets (12,068)

1.) And the Male Athlete of the Year is … (12,745)