“I think our next move is to call in the (state) attorney general to come in. What are they hiding? Why will they not let the auditor general of the state of Pennsylvania come in and make sure, as Mayor Courtright said, everything is aboveboard?”

Why, indeed. Consider this: SSA board Chairman Michael Parker and members Kevin Whelan and Larry Boccadori chose to go on the record against transparency and accountability. If they’re willing to choose such a damning optic, how damaging must the alternative (the truth) be?

Consider this, too: Scranton Mayor Bill Courtright, chief salesman of the SSA deal, said he didn’t see a need for a state audit of the deal, but the decision should rest with the authority board. It was made by Parker, Whelan and Boccadoriall appointed by Mayor Courtright.

The mayor has abdicated his sworn duty to protect the interest of the citizens he was elected to serve. Council must now take the lead. The public deserves answers. Council must demand them, starting tonight.