Gov. Tom Wolf, D-Pencil Neck, was elected essentially because he was not Tom Corbett, R-Drillers. He may be ousted after a single term by anyone who isn’t him.

A political novice, Mr. Wolf has flunked the first test of his leadership skills. He is as much to blame for the budget impasse debacle as the Republican Legislature that hopes to make him a one-term governor. He has been suckered into a game of “chicken” with opponents who don’t care how many innocent Pennsylvanians get run over.

It is time for Mr. Wolf to use the bully pulpit. He must put up or shut up. He can either take his case to the public or turn tail and run. Everyday Pennsylvanians are hurting, and the Republicans seem just fine with letting the impasse drag on. Frankly, so do Democrats.

Time to lead, Mr. Wolf. Well-past time, actually.