My Sunday column will be an update on the notion of remaking the Mall at Steamtown in the image of the Reading Terminal Market in Philadelphia.

The positive response to the idea has been massive, and many talented, driven citizens have volunteered their services to the cause. A steering committee to capitalize on the momentum is coming together and may schedule a public meeting as soon as next week.

The Reading Terminal Market at the Mall at Steamtown Facebook group attracts new members every day. Become one here.

There’s a lot of information to share, much of it truly exciting, so I’m going to get back to scribbling. First, a bit of business that won’t fit in the Sunday column:

CLARIFICATION: My first column about a mall makeover included this sentence: Abingtonians would certainly come down off their mythical mountain of gold to shop there…

Some misread this as validation of the pernicious myth that everyone in the Abingtons is wealthy. Myths are inherently mythical, but what I write isn’t always what people read. I’ve heard from many who were offended by what I didn’t say.

FOR THE RECORD: Plenty of rich folks live in the Abingtons, but most are working people with mortgages, taxes, utility, insurance and other bills. I live in Dalton, which to some conjures images of Chrissy and me strolling our country estate in Pith helmets and jodhpurs. Actually, the bank owns our house. Our house owns us. Hope that clears it up.
See you Sunday.