After winning both the Democratic and Republican nominations in Tuesday’s primary election, Paul Keeler will most likely be elected the Abingtons‘ next magisterial district judge in November.

With luck, Malcolm MacGregor will be finished taking down his campaign signs by then.

The well-known solicitor of many local municipalities finished second on both sides of the ballot, despite covering every other inch of the Abingtons with posters of himself, his family and himself with his family. It’s a photogenic group, but my guess is voters simply got tired of seeing them. If it’s possible to stalk a community via political signs, Mr. MacGregor is guilty. I half-expected to come home one night and see a MacGregor sign on my garage door.

The campaign must have cost Mr. MacGregor a small fortune, but he proved himself a class act in conceding to Mr. Keeler.

“Paul ran a great race, and he deserves to win,” he said. “We’re disappointed, but congratulate him for sure.”

Well-played, Mr. MacGregor. Now please get rid of those signs.