Dunmore has long been a paid subsidiary of billionaire Louis DeNaples‘ empire of environmental exploitation. His latest “gift” to the borough is particularly galling as he seeks a 50-year expansion of Keystone Sanitary Landfill in Dunmore and Throop.

As Times-Tribune staff writer Kyle Wind reports today, Mr. DeNaples will pay for upgrades to the Dunmore Fire Department’s garage. Years ago, he bought the borough a new police station and has since funded police cars and other vehicles and equipment. In the past, however, these “donations” were attributed to an “Anonymous Area Businessman.”

As the Dunmore correspondent when the police station was built, I tried for six months to prove Mr. DeNaples paid for it. None of the standard legal documents like building permits did not exist. The only people who could confirm it were Dunmore elected officials, and not one of them would say Louis DeNaples bought the police station.

So what changed? Why now are officials like  Councilman Salvatore Verrastro so eager to identify the “Anonymous Area Businessman” who always seems to be there for Dunmoreans when he needs them? Send me your guesses, and I’ll revisit this in  Wednesday’s column.