Ken Bond finally surfaced Wednesday afternoon. The absentee slumlord who owes more than a quarter of a million dollars in delinquent city, school and county taxes and fees offered to sit down and tell his side of the story — off the record.

I thanked him for calling, but I don’t do off the record. I have no use for information I can’t share with readers. Bond said that when he talks to the press, he is always given “control over what is published.” I told him I can’t imagine any reputable press organization operating that way. The Times-Tribune certainly does not.

BULLETIN: Bond is in no position to dictate terms. In addition to more than a quarter a million dollars, he owes the people of this city, county and school district an explanation for his actions. Tack on an apology as interest. I told him I will gladly sit down to talk — on the record.

On the record, or not at all.

“Then we’re going to have to cancel,” Bond said.

“Why can’t you talk to me on the record?” I asked.

“It’s canceled,” Bond said, and hung up.

So i’m headed back to the Tax Claim Bureau. Public documents speak for themselves and always on the record.

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