A good friend recently told me how disappointed he is in the self-immolation of state Attorney General Kathleen Kane.

“I really hoped she was going to shake up the Good Old Boys Network in Harrisburg,” he said.

A lot of people did, myself included. But as Times-Tribune staff writer Terrie Morgan-Besecker reports today, Ms. Kane behaves like a good old boy when it suits her. She hired Matthew Capooci of Dunmore as a maintenance worker at $25.33 an hour, plus benefits. Between Oct. 1 and March 30, Mr. Capooci racked up a combined $5,296 in meals and lodging on the taxpayer dime while moving boxes and doing minor construction work in and around Harrisburg.

Mr. Capooci is the brother-in-law of former Dunmore police chief Pat Reese, who heads Ms. Kane’s security detail and is one of her closest confidants. Mr. Reese is charged with illegally accessing information on a grand jury investigating whether Ms. Kane abused the powers of her office to smite political enemies. Both have been charged. Both maintain their innocence.

And both are innocent until proven guilty. There is no reasonable doubt, however, that Mr. Capooci is Mr. Reese’s brother-in-law, or that this connection was his most important qualification. Maybe Mr. Capooci is the best janitor in Pennsylvania. Maybe he is the Mozart of moving boxes, the Picasso of painting bathrooms, the Frank Lloyd Wright of erecting cubicles. Maybe Ms. Kane is the reformer she promised to be.

And maybe I’m Ernest Hemingway.