The brightest stars of the Lackawanna Track Conference took center stage and earned medals and teams won championships at the 2nd annual North Pocono Twilight Invitational, which, considering all of the road blocks with the weather, was a great success thanks to track coach Jason Sepkowski, the Wilmot family and Wil-Time Event Management, and the unbelievably gracious and hard-working staff and volunteers.


Yes, the cold weather was rough, but I can’t say enough about how much fun those people. who for the most part are behind the scenes, made it both bearable and fun.

Bright and early on Saturday, the junior high stars were on the track and in the field for the Abington Heights Invitational, also managed by Wil-Time. Abington Heights and its staff also puts on quite a meet for the kids who will be the future of the LTC. Now, they too ran into some weather issues as lightning and rain late in the afternoon brought a premature halt to the meet after 16 of 18 events were completed.

Just a couple of observations:

  • Abington Heights: The girls program, which is riding a 72-meet winning streak on the varsity level, may never lose again. Well, maybe someday. But one thing is for certain, the team will just reload. And opponents might find themselves scratching their collective heads and saying “Oh, woe is me.” A quick glance at the 1,600 and the 800 champion and you will see the name Allison DAMMER! She just missed her sister’s meet record of 5:31.56 by winning in 5:32.00. And she had her first name replaced by her decorated sister in the 800.





  • Lakeland: The boys team won the team title with 98 points. The Chiefs varsity won the North Pocono relay title the night before and have really started to restock the shelves thanks to the thriving junior high program. The Lakeland boys have won the last three team championships at this event, and this year, the team sent freshmen CJ Dippre and Robert Romanowski, who both won medals Friday night, packing to the varsity team.




  • Class 2A Girls: There is no separation of Class 3A and Class 2A schools at the event like in varsity. However, after Abington Heights, which had a mind-boggling 146 points, were three Class 2A programs. Riverside and Western Wayne tied for second with 59 points, and Lakeland was fourth with 58.









OK, now here are the results. Again, these are copied right from my good friends at Wil-Time:





Team: Abington Heights (146); Riverside (59) and Western Wayne (59), tie; Lakeland (58); Wayne-Highlands (Honesdale) (48); Wallenpaupack (45); Holy Redeemer (40); Tunkhannock (38); Mid Valley (24); Nanticoke (18); Elk Lake  (15); Montrose (13); Pocono Mountain West (11); Lackawanna Trail (7) and Scranton Prep (7), tie; Susquehanna Community (6); Delaware Valley (5); North Pocono (4).




3200 Relay: Abington Heights (Carly Schofield, Heidi Hughes, Maya Arcangelo, Allison Dammer) 10:32.69 (meet record; old mark, 10:44.83, Elk Lake, 2012); Holy Redeemer 10:34.63: Elk Lake 11:22.71; Lakeland 11:36.85; Wayne Highlands (Honesdale) 11:40.23; Wallenpaupack 11:47.05; Delaware Valley 11:51.77; North Pocono  11:57.45.



100 Hurdles: Madison O’Donnell (Lakeland) 17.86; Anastasia Ioppolo (Wallenpaupack) 17.92; Clare Evans (Abington Heights) 17.92; Avery Meredick (Riverside) 18.09; Emma Pontosky (Western Wayne) 18.26; Ella Dougher (Western Wayne) 18.67; Madison Smith (Mid Valley) 18.92; Daelyn Karboski (Mid Valley) 18.95.



100: Jessica Cervenak (Tunkhannock) 13.35 (meet record; old mark,  13.40, Shannon Flynn, Mid Valley, 2012)Paige Olanovich (Riverside) 13.62; Megan Malone (Abington Heights) 13.78; Rachael Collins (Wayne Highlands) 13.85; McKenzie White (Montrose) 13.96; Abby Leibson (Delaware Valley) 13.99; Hannah Mills (Mid Valley) 14.03; Caitlyn Posdon (Wallenpaupack) 14.13.



1600: Allison Dammer (Abington Heights) 5:32.00; Krista Jones (Elk Lake) 5:38.73; Lia Keefe (Holy Redeemer) 5:43.73; Carly Schofield (Abington Heights) 5:54.59; Olivia James (Lakeland) 5:57.06; Madison Kammer (Western Wayne) 6:00.53; Audrey Lawler (Western Wayne) 6:07.25; Molly McGlynn (Elk Lake) 6:15.13.



400 Relay: Riverside (Madelynn Perfilio, Brielle Reed, Morgan Antoniacci, Paige Olanovich) 55.50; Wayne-Highlands (Honesdale) 55.60; Wallenpaupack 55.66; Abington Heights 56.17; Holy Redeemer 58.02; Mid Valley 58.19; Lakeland 59.90; North Pocono  1:01.97.



400: Gianna Sabatini (Abington Heights) 1:02.79; Jessica Cervenak (Tunkhannock) 1:04.41; Vatijah Darby (Pocono Mountain West) 1:05.95; Anna Scoblick (Abington Heights) 1:06.20; Lexi Marcinkowski (Holy Redeemer) 1:06.77; Anastasia Ioppolo (Wallenpaupack) 1:07.096; Sydney Hutchinson (Western Wayne) 1:07.41; Faith Sekol (Holy Redeemer) 1:07.98.



300 Hurdles: Avery Meredick (Riverside) 53.15Ellie Smith (Abington Heights) 53.51; Lexi Iveson (Susquehanna) 53.67; Loida Martinez (Western Wayne) 55.29; Ella Dougher (Western Wayne) 55.74; Kyra Hayden (Holy Redeemer) 56.15; Clare Evans (Abington Heights) 56.20; Annabella Begley (Abington Heights) 56.59.



800: Allison Dammer (Abington Heights) 2:33.90; Lia Keefe (Holy Redeemer) 2:35.83; Maya Archangelo (Abington Heights) 2:38.71; Olivia James (Lakeland) 2:40.61; Stephanie Summerville (Montrose) 2:40.71; Carly Schofield (Abington Heights) 2:40.71; Skylar Arendt (Lakeland) 2:42.74; Megan Desmet (Wallenpaupack) 2:45.02.



200: Jessica Cervenak (Tunkhannock) 27.65; Rachael Collins (Wayne-Highlands) 28.80; Lexi Marcinkowski (Holy Redeemer) 28.85; McKenzie White (Montrose) 28.95; Aaliyah Cancel (Pocono Mountain West) 29.31; Hannah Mills (Mid Valley) 29.50; Caitlyn Posdon (Wallenpaupack) 29.92; Athalia Ross (Pocono Mountain West) 30.14.



Shot: Angel Jefferson (Abington Heights) 35-7; Gabby Case (Lakeland) 33-10; Bella Hewitt (Abington Heights) 32-6; Grace Steffen (Wallenpaupack) 29-9.5; Sophia Lukowski (Nanticoke) 29-7; Avery Rebar (Mid Valley) 28-10; Emily Roberts (Wayne-Highlands) 27-6; Erin Duggan (North Pocono) 27-5.



Discus: Gabby Case (Lakeland) 78-11; Paige Fiume (Wayne-Highlands) 77-7; Sophia Lukowski (Nanticoke) 75-1; Abby Merrifield (Mid Valley) 70-11; Bella Hewitt (Abington Heights) 70-9; Noelle Fantanarosa (Abington Heights) 69-7; Jayden Gregory (Western Wayne) 68-9; Danielle Zambetti (North Pocono) 67-5.



Javelin: Brianna Grow (Tunkhannock) 77-0; Sophia Lukowski (Nanticoke) 66-1; Gabby Case (Lakeland) 60-3; Avery Rebar (Mid Valley) 58-7; Gabby Scott (Abington Heights) 54-4; Paige Fiume (Wayne-Highlands) 54-2; Lilly Seymour (Abington Heights) 53-3; Julia Armetta (Wayne Highlands) 48-8.



Long: Anastasia Ioppolo (Wallenpaupack) 15-9.75; Madelynn Perfilio (Riverside) 14-8.25; Erica Prushinski (Scranton Prep) 14-7.5; Lucy Abdalla (Abington Heights) 14-2; Sydney Hutchinson (Western Wayne) 14-1.5; Anna Scoblick (Abington Heights) 14-0.5; MaKenna Peet (Wallenpaupack) 13-8.5; Nadia Gill (Lakeland) 13-1.25.



Triple: Anna Scoblick (Abington Heights) 31-3.5; Madelynn Perfilio (Riverside) 31-0; Ella Pavlovich (Western Wayne) 30-1; Madison O’Donnell (Lakeland) 29-2; Rowan Murray (Wayne-Highlands) 29-1.25; Sydney Hutchinson (Western Wayne) 28-11.5; Lucy Abdalla (Abington Heights) 28-11.5; Jordan Spencer (Lackawanna Trail) 28-11.



High: Anna Scoblick (Abington Heights) 5-0; Paige Olanovich (Riverside) 4-10; Jordan Spencer (Lackawanna Trail) 4-8; Rowan Murray (Wayne-Highlands) 4-8; Devon Kiesendahl (Wallenpaupack) 4-8; Ella Pavlovich (Western Wayne) 4-6; Madelynn Perfilio (Riverside) 4-6; Maggie Kosierowski (Scranton Prep) 4-6.



Pole: Ella Dougher (Western Wayne) 7-6; Gabby Tetreault (Western Wayne) 7-0.











Team: Lakeland (98); North Pocono (94); Wallenpaupack (83); Scranton Prep  (70.50); Valley View (53); Riverside (47); Mid Valley (43); Western Wayne (27); Abington Heights (24.50); Tunkhannock (23); Wayne-Highlands (Honesdale (18); Delaware Valley (12); Elk Lake (10); Holy Redeemer (5); Lackawanna Trail (1). 




3200 Relay: Wallenpaupack (Dakota Walsh, Kyle Kellstrom, Michael Wildenburg, Alec Crouthamel)  9:06.16; North Pocono 9:17.31; Mid Valley 9:24.44; Elk Lake 9:50.37; Abington Heights 9:51.27; Wayne-Highlands (Honesdale) 10:04.55; Holy Redeemer 10:09.85; Lakeland 10:16.20.



110 Hurdles: Chase Nolan (Lakeland) 16.90; Joey Cocco (North Pocono) 17.78; Nate Zarnowski (Mid Valley) 18.16; Cole Yankalunas (Delaware Valley) 18.20; Daniel Hnatko (Wallenpaupack) 18.43; Brandon Quinn (North Pocono) 18.67; Jacob Curcio (Lakeland) 18.93; Nathan Oliphant (Riverside) 19.16.



100: Antwon Bethune (Riverside) 11.85; Aidan Kearney (Valley View) 12.13; Shadrak Agyei (Wallenpaupack) 12.35; Michael Pidgeon (Lakeland) 12.37; Richard Fabri (Wallenpaupack) 12.46; Aden Johnson (Scranton Prep) 12.50; Sam Castellani (Scranton Prep) 12.58; Jacob Kopcza (Western Wayne) 12.66.



1600: Kyle Kellstrom (Wallenpaupack) 4:54.46; Caleb Kenyon (North Pocono) 4:55.08; Michael Bennici (Mid Valley) 5:03.38; William Pabst (North Pocono) 5:10.55; Sebastian Segiel (North Pocono) 5:11.50; Alex Duffy (Abington Heights) 5:18.02; Collin Pacyna (Mid Valley) 5:20.04; Chris Hine (Holy Redeemer) 5:21.87.



400 Relay: Wallenpaupack (Bryce Seeman, Devin Nicewicz, Richard Fabri, Shadrak Agyei) 48.65; Valley View 48.84; Scranton Prep 48.94; Riverside 49.33; Western Wayne 50.52; Mid Valley 51.12; North Pocono 51.34; Lakeland 51.58.



400: Aidan Kearney (Valley View) 54.17; Michael Pidgeon (Lakeland) 54.53; Colin Kravitz (North Pocono) 55.51; Brandon Reed (Riverside) 56.09; Thomas McCabe (Wallenpaupack) 56.91; Kyle Marcinkevich (Mid Valley) 57.29; Jeremiah Wolo (Mid Valley) 58.14; Gino Ofcharsky (Lakeland) 58.45.



300 Hurdles: Chase Nolan (Lakeland) 45.21; Ryan McAndrew (Scranton Prep) 45.47; Jacob Brundage (North Pocono) 46.77; Michael Kazmierczak (Riverside) 47.10; Jacob Curcio (Lakeland) 47.78; Joey Cocco (North Pocono) 47.78; Cole Yankalunas (Delaware Valley) 48.11; Brandon Quinn (North Pocono) 49.45.



800: Thomas McCabe (Wallenpaupack) 2:12.87; Caleb Kenyon (North Pocono) 2:14.28; Caleb Vigil (Lakeland) 2:14.84; Andrew Tucker (Wayne-Highlands) 2:22.63; William Pabst (North Pocono) 2:23.51; Quinnan Jeremy (Elk Lake) 2:23.60; Sebastian Segiel (North Pocono) 2:24.94; Zachary Popko (Mid Valley) 2:27.80.



200: Antwon Bethune (Riverside) 24.59; Michael Pidgeon (Lakeland) 24.98; Aidan Kearney (Valley View) 25.11; Kyle Marcinkevich (Mid Valley) 25.33; Shadrak Agyei (Wallenpaupack) 25.42; Aden Johnson (Scranton Prep) 25.49; Richard Fabri (Wallenpaupack) 25.57; Patryk Mays (North Pocono) 25.69.



Shot: Casey Williams (Lakeland) 42-6; Chris Brezegowski (Valley View) 40-0; Christian Lesinski (Abington Heights) 40-0; Mason Ormsby (Lakeland) 39-8; Tim Rinker (North Pocono) 38-10; David Chapman (Wallenpaupack) 38-2; Seth Reimiller (Tunkhannock) 36-0; Justin Tigue (Riverside) 35-10.



Discus: Christian Lesinski (Abington Heights) 115-1; Tim Rinker (North Pocono) 108-7; Casey Williams (Lakeland) 108-7; Devin Brophy (Delaware Valley) 108-3; David Chapman (Wallenpaupack) 105-11; Jake Yanoski (Scranton Prep) 100-11; Austin Zabresky (Holy Redeemer) 100-9; Matt Schirg (Lackawanna Trail) 99-11.



Javelin: Matthew Prebola (Tunkhannock) 146-7; Casey Williams (Lakeland) 121-1; Lakota Dippre (Lakeland) 94-3; Ryan VanNess (Tunkhannock) 91-7; Sam Deron (Wayne-Highlands) 91-0; Tanner Rowles (Wayne-Highlands) 85-4; Todd Snyder (Elk Lake) 74-10; Aaron Budzinski (Mid Valley) 74-3.



Long: Ryan McAndrew (Scranton Prep) 17-10.5; Sam Castellani (Scranton Prep) 17-10.25; Bryce Seeman (Wallenpaupack) 17-9; Brandon Reed (Riverside) 17-4.5; Caleb Vigil (Lakeland) 17-1; Noah Matyjevitch (North Pocono) 17-0; Kyle Marcinkevich (Mid Valley) 16-11.75; Andrew Heid (Valley View) 15-10.25.


Triple: Louis Sauter (Scranton Prep) 36-0; Sam Castellani (Scranton Prep) 35-2; Joey Cocco (North Pocono) 35-1.75; Joshua Godlewski (Riverside) 34-2.75; George Lee (Western Wayne) 33-10.75; TJ Roque (Lakeland) 33-9.75; Andrew Heid (Valley View) 33-8; Jeremiah Wolo (Mid Valley) 33-2.



High: Andrew Heid (Valley View) 5-4 (tied meet record; 5-4, Matthan Sherman, Abington Heights, 2014); Andrew Stark (Scranton Prep) 5-2; Thomas McCabe (Wallenpaupack) 5-0; Aiden Wolak (Mid Valley) 5-0; Robert Lenchitsky (North Pocono) 5-0; Andrew Tucker (Wayne-Highlands) 4-10; Jacob Scott (Abington Heights) 4-10 and Pat Sullivan (Scranton Prep) 4-10, tie.



Pole: Nick Barillo (Western Wayne) 8-0; Richie Reed (Western Wayne) 7-0; Jakob Steffy (Tunkhannock) 6-0.