Good frosty morning, everyone!

I will begin today with an apology. Folks, this is my fault. You all woke up today to probably around 3 inches or more of snow on April 3. That’s right, Mother Nature has had her revenge, and honestly, I feel I am the cause.

See, this was my first vacation week since July (I think I mentioned that a couple of times) and while I did my very best to avoid work, and truly, I had a blast this week, the fact is that any time I go on vacation some weird weather rocks the area. On more than one occasion, I had torrential downpours during my summer breaks. My fall vacations always have snow hit the area prematurely, and of course this arctic blast at the tail end will not only make today a reminder of the January we didn’t have, it will have the spring sports season spinning its wheels just when I get back.

So, I am sorry.

Okay, now to the business at hand. As you all know by now, Marty Myers is on the shelf. He is recovering from his heart attack and believe me his very dry humor and wit are returning. In his absence, I teamed with the incomparable Bob Sanchuk of our graphics department to come up with the design for this year’s All-Region team. This is a thankless job, we know, but it’s one we take very seriously.

Once again, Bob pulled off an award-winning illustration. This project takes a lot of time, energy and creativity and he knocked it out of the park. Thanks, Bobby.

And congratulations to the selections. It was a great season and I wish you all the best of luck in the future.

Now, I must go clean off my car and clear my sidewalk and enjoy my family for one more day before I get back into the grind.