State Attorney General Kathleen Kane is careening toward critical mass. When her dying political star finally goes supernova, she apparently wants the blast radius to reach far and wide.

The fantasy that Ms. Kane could somehow survive charges that she leaked secret grand jury information and lied about it under oath was reduced to ash with new charges that she perjured herself when testifying that she never signed an oath to preserve grand jury secrecy. She did sign that oath. Prosecutors released a PDF copy that indelibly shows Ms. Kane lied. Some lines can’t be uncrossed. Or unsigned.

Ms. Kane is going down, a reality even she seems suddenly ready to accept. A stunt she pulled this week shows she plans to take as many people as possible down with her. As Times-Tribune staff writer Terrie Morgan Besecker reports today, Ms. Kane has done the very thing she claims is the bad seed of her thorny fate — she leaked  unsubstantiated allegations against a state Supreme Court justice.

Ms. Kane released a letter revealing that she told state ethics agencies that state Supreme Court Justice Michael Eakin possessed inappropriate emails unveiled in the “Porngate” scandal, which was rooted in idiotic state employees trading pornographic and racist emails on government servers. Ms. Kane says she is being persecuted because she uncovered the scandal. While it’s true that “Porngate” didn’t make her any friends, Ms. Kane faces political morbidity — and perhaps prison — because of her own bad choices.

She clearly doesn’t see it that way, and as long as she hangs on to her office, she seems eager to use it for revenge.

“Her whole case has just turned into a free-for-all with a lot of mud-slinging,” attorney Al Flora Jr. told Terrie. He is a seasoned Wilkes-Barre defense lawyer who has represented attorneys and judges in misconduct proceedings. “She is attacking everyone under the sun, trying to embarrass people to get them to back off.”

Mr. Flora is right, and  Ms. Kane is just warming up.