As Staff Writer Terrie Morgan Besecker reports today, the FBI has opened an investigation into how seven non-uniform Scranton employees were awarded double pensions they apparently didn’t earn. 

The Feds join state Auditor General Eugene DePasquale’s office and the city’s composite pension board in probing how in hell something like this can happen, even in Scranton, where cronyism and the incompetence it breeds are as reliable as the sunrise. 

Northeast Pennsylvania must be Candy Land for FBI agents looking to make their bones. This double-pension scandal is just the gnarly tip of an ancient iceberg that has scuttled the region’s seaworthiness forever. The tip is suddenly visible above the waves of debt drowning the city and must be the focus for now. It is  unfathomable that nothing illegal was done here. No offense to other investigating agencies, but the FBI seems our best bet to get to the bottom of what happened, who was behind it and who benefited.

Distractions abound in such a target-rich environment. The FBI should make solving this scandal a priority. This is Scranton. Trust me, we’ll make more.