It’s early for the annual Republican declaration of a “War on Christmas,” but when Santa is your Dad and his bag is empty in August, you sing any curdled carol available.

In an interview with phony conservative and televangelist Grinch James Robison, Eric Trump said his father is running for president to Make Christmas Great Again.

“He opens up the paper each morning and sees our nation’s leaders giving a hundred billion dollars to Iran, or he opens the paper and some new school district has just eliminated the ability for its students to say the pledge of allegiance, or some fire department in some town is ordered by the mayor to no longer fly the American flag on the back of a fire truck,” Eric told Mr. Robison. Read the full story here. 

“Or, he sees the tree on the White House lawn has been renamed ‘Holiday tree’ instead of ‘Christmas tree.’ I could go on and on for hours. Those are the very things that made my father run, and those are the very things he cares about.”

Amen, except that the National Christmas Tree and the Christmas tree inside the White House have never been “renamed.” They are Christmas trees, and called that, even by the Evil Kenyan Socialist Communist Muslim Dictator-in-Chief.

If you’re depressed by this kind of desperate, empty politics, take heart: There are only 70 more shopping days until Nov. 8.