Well, well, it looks like the television side of the Lackawanna County district attorney contest has heated up.

Attorney Mark Powell, aiming to become the first Democrat to win the office since the 1965 election, began airing his commercials last week.

So far, he has spent $22,818 on 918 commercials, the vast majority of them on cable television but some on WNEP-TV and WBRE-TV. He started airing his commercials on cable on Oct. 2.

Former first assistant district attorney Gene Talerico, trying to keep alive a 48-year streak of Republican district attorneys, started airing his commercials Monday on cable and today on WNEP, WBRE and WOLF-TV.

He’s spent $15,885 on 101 commercials, 60 of the ads on cable stations and the rest on the local TV stations.

I haven’t seen the Talerico commercial yet.

The Powell ad isn’t bad, except for the last shot, which is poorly lit and doesn’t make the candidate look good.