THIS JUST IN: Hillary Clinton has epic credibility issues. Numerous polls suggest the former first lady, senator and secretary of state is not seen as trustworthy by millions of Americans, including scores who rate her experience as more important than her chronic habit of dodging rules and facts averse to her preferred narrative.

The Benghazi “scandal” is a lame fever dream peddled by Republican panderers, but the bona fide private email server scandal could mushroom into a serious threat. As secretary of state, Hillary used private email to conduct public business, a bad choice she has characterized as an “honest mistake.”  It may be the only “mistake” Hillary has ever admitted making, but calling it “honest” doesn’t make it so.

A new report by the State Department’s inspector general says Hillary never sought approval to use a private email server and that aides who knew where told to keep their mouths shut. Honest mistakes don’t require obsessive secrecy.

The Clinton Campaign pointed out that past State Department officials, including former secretary of state Colin Powell, did the same shady thing. The former top Army general helped con the American People into supporting the disastrous invasion of Iraq. This fact might help Hillary, if she hadn’t voted for this catastrophic war of choice as a senator from New York, the most grievously wounded victim of 9/11.

Inevitable GOP nominee and presidential pretender Donald Trump is pushing the “Crooked Hillary” meme and it is sticking. Hillary is easily the most qualified candidate in the field, but arguably the most compromised. Trump is a fool and a phony, but his supporters don’t care about incidentals like qualifications or Objective Fact. Sen. Bernie Sanders, on the other left hand,  is a fantasy candidate animated by self-delusion. He can’t win the nomination, but he can do grave damage to Hillary, the inevitable Democratic nominee.

Two words that should chill the stiffened spines of Bernie supporters: President Trump.

Right now, Bernie is the best friend Trump could hope for. Running a close second for this dubious distinction is Hillary Clinton, the candidate with the best shot at defeating Hillary Clinton.