Not sure if the two events are connected, but the day after U.S. Rep. Lou Barletta announced his campaign team, Sen. Bob Casey announced his money haul in the last quarter of 2017.

Barletta announced his cash later on the same day as Casey, but from the looks of his campaign team he knows he’s not in Hazleton any more when it comes to money. (Token “Wizard of Oz” reference.)

Barletta, a former Hazleton mayor, appears the likely Republican favorite to take on Casey, a Scranton Democrat.

Casey’s campaign said Friday he raised more than $2.6 million between Oct. 1 and Dec. 31 and ended the year with more than $8.6 million cash on hand.

The campaign said Casey raised $10.2 million last year from more than 67,000 donors and 90 percent of the contributions came from donations of $100 or less.

Assuming that part’s true, that’s more impressive than the cash on hand.

Tens of thousands of grassroots supporters have joined our team because they know Bob Casey will always stand up for Pennsylvania’s middle class and won’t back down from a fight,” Casey campaign manager M.E. Smith said in a statement.

When I posted this earlier today, I said we won’t know Barletta’s take until Jan. 31 because his campaign wouldn’t release its results early. I was wrong. I missed their news release from last Friday. The news release said he has more than $1 million on hand and raised more than $1 million in the last quarter.

That’s not $8.6 million and Barletta knows he has to do better. He announced a team heavy on expert fundraisers, a sure sign the money isn’t coming in like he’ll need yet.

Campaign manager: Cody Jones. A former field director for the state Republican Party, Jones ran the campaign of U.S. Rep. Ryan Costello, R-6, Chester. In 2016, he ran state Sen. John Rafferty’s unsuccessful attorney general campaign.

Deputy campaign manager: Jon Anzur. Anzur managed Barletta’s 2016 re-election campaign and served as congressional communications director.

Finance director: Caitlin Wohlfarth Franklin. Formerly House Speaker John A. Boehner’s finance director, Franklin, a Pennsylvania native working most recently with the Republican National Committee, Trump Victory, and the National Republican Senatorial Committee.

Field director: Brandon Ferrance. Former chairman of the Pennsylvania Federation of College Republicans, he has worked on lots of campaigns. He just graduated in December from Shippensburg University with a degree in political science.

Staff assistant: Caroline LaBelle Maloney. A Dunmore resident, she directed field operations as deputy campaign manager for Jim Mulligan’s mayoral campaign.

Senior finance advisor: Kristin Nash. She’s worked on fundraising for lots of people including Barletta and Luzerne County District Attorney Stefanie Salavantis. She also worked in various jobs for governors Tom Ridge and Tom Corbett, Rafferty and former Lt. Gov. Bill Scranton.

Regional finance advisor: Kristin Corrigan. A fundraising consultant for Corbett’s attorney general and governor campaigns, she covered the eastern part of the state. She was also finance director for Lynn Swann’s governor campaign and deputy finance director for Attorney General Mike Fisher’s gubernatorial campaign.

Regional Finance Advisor: David Grim. A longtime fundraising advisor to Senator Pat Toomey, he led Toomey’s western Pennsylvania fundraising in 2016, the most expensive U.S. Senate race in history. Grim works with Pennsylvania Congressman Keith Rothfus and candidates from around the country. He worked for the Pennsylvania House Republican Campaign Committee and House Speaker Mike Turzai, who’s running for governor.

Regional Finance Advisor: Maria Diesel. With more than 17 years experience in fundraising, her clients have included Boehner and House Speaker Paul Ryan, the National Republican Congressional Committee, state judicial candidates and other PACs and non-profits involved in politics.