Lakeland’s sophomore quarterback threw for one touchdown and completed two passes off flea flickers to set up two other touchdowns, including his game-winning TD in a 21-14 upset of unbeaten Wyoming Area in a District 2 Class 3A semifinal.

Athletes you admire: My dad first of all. He played football at UConn. He was a good player. I look up to him. I look up to my side coach, Gary Yagelski. He played at Drake back in the day. He takes me on the side every weekend and we work on stuff.

Any sports teams you follow? I’m a big Pittsburgh Steelers fan. Basketball, I like the Golden State Warriors. I really don’t follow baseball.

Any superstitions or rituals on game day? Before I walk on the field, when I go out for pregame, I stand over by the pylon and I say a prayer before I even step onto the field.

Three people you’d like to have dinner with. Walter Payton, Drew Brees and Antonio Brown.

Most famous athlete you’ve ever met? When I went to Penn State, I met Trace McSorley. I went down and I sat in a meeting next to Trace, talked to him a little bit and got a picture with him. That was pretty cool. He’s a little shorter than me but he definitely would run me over. He’s a good guy. He’s a nice kid.

Talk about hitting Wyoming Area with a flea flicker on your first play from scrimmage. They fumbled and Jacob Snipes got it. I got in the huddle and I didn’t think the guys were going to believe me when I told them the play call. I slung one down the field and Thomas Pidgeon caught it. Great catch. I don’t think any 50-50 ball this year did not go our way this season.

And then you ran flea flicker in the final minute to set up the last score? Their middle linebackers blitzed and they only had one guy over the top. You have to know it’s coming. There’s 39 seconds left and we have to go 50 yards downfield. That ball wasn’t as good as the first one I threw. It was inside a lot. But Tom just slid under it. Great catch.

Now you get a second crack at Scranton Prep in Friday’s championship game. We have a lot of confidence from that big win coming into this week. Wyoming Area wasn’t the best team, we played all year, but us beating an undefeated team, it’s a big bump up form the last time we played Prep.

One thing that’s gone really well this year that you didn’t anticipate. I came into this year thinking we were going to have a good year. I predicted us to go 6-4 and I’m very happy with 7-3, and we’re 9-3 right now. Two years ago in eighth grade, Eric Ferko, Mike Lowry, Cy Babcanec — I looked up to those guys when they played. Now we’re in the same spot that they were. It’s exciting. Stat-wise, you’re as good as they were.