Every good running back knows where his bread is butttered. It starts with the guys throwing blocks to try to spring the elusive Brown. They did a superb job Friday for the Invaders, who evened their record at 3-3 with a 27-20 upset of top-ranked North Pocono.

West Scranton running back Tamon Brown had four TDs in Friday's 27-20 win over North Pocono.

West Scranton running back Tamon Brown had four TDs in Friday’s 27-20 win over North Pocono.

Who’s the one teammate you go to for inspiration or a good word when things are not going well on the football field. I talk to my O-line — Noah Worsnick, Jude Wheeler, Josh Fagerlin, Jake Hoffman, Shaun Fanning, Fushawn Liggins — I look to them because they are the ones who are going to win us football games. We aren’t going anywhere in the game without them.

Do you have any pre-game rituals? I pray to God. I pray that no one on my team gets seriously hurt, everyone fights and hopefully we get a victory.

Could you have imagined a 275-yard, four-touchdown night in your career? At first, I didn’t know I even had 275 yards. And the most touchdowns I scored in a game was three. The fourth one is just another touchdown. I don’t really look at it.

Your longest score was 81 yards. Explain the play call. The play is called “pitch crack.” My wide receivers just crack back on the linebackers and it creates a hole and there are a lot of openings there. I was able to break through it. Matt Williams and DaShawn Minnick threw great blocks for me.

What’s the first thing you’re looking for on a play like that? A first down. Move the chains. Keep the ball moving downfield.

You very effectively used a stiff-arm, especially on the 18-yard TD. It’s a habit. Once I see you, I just want to stiff-arm you. I’m looking to get you out of the way so I can get more yards.

What assets does a 170-pound guy like yourself have when he is running the ball? Speed, power, vision. I think they are all important, but I would say vision is the most important. You’ve got to have vision.

If you could go play Division I football today, what school would that be? My dream in college is to go to Oregon. I love Oregon. They were always my favorite team when I was younger. I remember when De’Anthony Thomas was on the team. I think that’s when I started liking Oregon and their speed.

Do you see football as a route to college? I could see myself at a Division II school, possibly a small D-I school. My coaches will help me with colleges, but I’m looking for a good fit and a good offer. I’d like to major in criminal justice.

What would you like to see from your team in the last four games of the season? More improvement on both sides of the ball. As a team we need to stay disciplined and hold our emotions. When it comes to tough situations, you have to fight and did deep.

Who are three people you would like to have dinner with? Inky Johnson, my deceased great grandfather and Ben Roethlisberger.