The West Scranton senior earned his 100th win, topping two-time state qualifier Tyler Neglia, 5-2, on Wednesday, then was named Outstanding Wrestler at the Towanda Duals with a 5-0 record over the weekend.

Age: 17

Family: Mother, Roxanne; father, Phil; sister, Kayla

Other sports you play? I used to play baseball and football but I stopped the end of my sophomore year to wrestle in my offseason instead of playing other sports.

Athletes you admire? David Taylor, Conor McGregor and Carson Wentz.

Any sports teams you follow? Philadelphia Eagles and Penn State’s wrestling team.

Talk about the 100th win. It was big. It was a great experience. Everything worked out for me to get it in my home gym. It was supposed to be at Wallenpaupack but they had a basketball game scheduled and they came to our gym. Everything worked out perfect. There was a big crowd there, all my friends were there, my family. It was a very cool 100th win.

Superstitions or rituals on game day? Just listening to music and visualizing my matches.

What’s the playlist? It’s a weird mix. There’s a lot of AC/DC, there’s some rap in there, a little bit of everything. Anything that gets me pumped up and ready to go.

Three people you’d like to have dinner with. Abe Lincoln, Adam Sandler and Conor McGregor.

At that dinner, what do you think Adam Sandler rips on Abe Lincoln about? Probably his beard.

What’s the one food that’s a no-no during the season that you can’t wait to have again? Nina’s wing bites.

Most famous athlete you’ve ever met? Probably David Taylor. I met him a couple times. Since he lives in Pennsylvania, it’s real easy to find a lot of like real famous, good wrestlers. I met him at Penn State camp and I met him at Mat Assassins when he came down and did a session down there.

Are you the guy who likes to be the aggressor or do you like countering moves? A little bit of both. I love scoring points. I get a little frustrated when a kid is being real defensive and not liking to move, but I like keeping up a hard pace that kids really keep up with. And I like scoring a lot of my points in the third period when the kid’s real tired.

Who is the one person who has had the biggest influence on your athletic career? I’d have to say both my parents kind of pushed me to go and practice four days a week in the offseason, and lifting and all that kind of stuff, and going to the tournaments.

You’ve been a captain on the team for three years now. What’s your role? I just look to be a leader because I know when I was a freshman I used to look at the captains and if they were working hard, I’d work hard. If they were slacking or taking reps off or not going hard, that kind of affected me in a way.

What’s the biggest improvement in your wrestling this season? I think I got a lot lighter on my feet and a lot of foot fakes and getting the guy moving. My top game got a lot better, too. Definitely worked on a lot of turns and riding legs and different stuff like that.

Who’s the wrestler who’s made the biggest improvement this season? Tough one. So many guys got a lot better this year, but I’m going to pick two — Austin Fashouer and Garrett Walsh.

Who’s one teammate guaranteed to make you laugh? Tyler Connor. I’ve known him my whole life and he knows my funnybone, I guess.

If you could wrestle one opponent, knowing you might get your butt kicked in the process, who would that be? I’d have to say Bo Nickal. Two-time national champ. He’s a beast.

After high school, what’s next? I’d like to wrestle after college, so I’ve been looking into some colleges to see what is the best fit for me. I think I’m going to go into business.