Wallenpaupack junior Izaiah Santiago scored one goal in a 2-1 win at Scranton Prep, and netted a goal and had an assist, rallying his team from a 2-0 road deficit to tie Abington Heights, 2-2, as the Buckhorns battle for first place in Division I of the Lackawanna Soccer League.

Age: 16

Other sports you play: Basketball and baseball

How old were you when you started playing soccer? I think I was 7 years old. I always had a knack for sports. My uncles grew up playing sport sna dI just followed after them. I’ve fallen in love with everything I’ve done, every sport I played, everything I’ve tried. It’s just been so fun.

Which is your best sport? Baseball. I think I work a little bit harder on that because it’s what I want to pursue. That just gives it a little extra edge over all the other sports.

How important was this week in terms of moving forward? It was very important. We knew they picked us as the team to win districts, so we were fired up about that because we worked so hard to get there. We knew we had to prove to everybody that we could do it. Being at this point, I think we have proved we are one of the top teams in the area. We just have to keep working to try to secure that number-one spot.

Do you have an athlete you admire? I’d have to say David Price because of all the stuff he went through. He lost two of his closest friends in high school. He kept working hard and where he is today is a great accomplishment for him. He wasn’t the number one pitcher coming out of high school but he worked hard. I look up to him for not giving up and all the stuff he’s gone through. I also like his presence on the mound and I enjoy how he pitches. He’s won a Cy Young Award, and he’s a left-handed pitcher like I am.

What are your favorite sports teams? Basically all New York. Giants, Knicks, Yankees. I don’t really watch hockey, but if I have to, I’ll take the Rangers.

Any game-day rituals or superstitions? I have a lucky pair of socks so I always wear those. I have a pair of socks for every sport. I always do the same routine the day before a game. Before I got to bed, I do that same routine. I listen to the same songs at the same exact time. Like, when the bus leaves, or when we’re about to start warmups, I have that song that I have to play.

Three people you would like to have dinner with? David Price, Tupac and my (maternal) great-grandparents.

Have you started to make any plans for after high school? I want to go to college to pursue my baseball career and I want to major in biomedical engineering. I want to go to a school that will let me do both.

Most famous athlete you’ve met? Andre Iguodala when I went to a 76ers game when I was younger.

One player from an opposing soccer team you’d like as a teammate. I’d have to say Eddie Lopes from Prep. The way he plays, he’s a hard worker, very respectful and a kind kid overall. I’d love to have him as a teammate.