The Mountain View senior scored hat tricks in three soccer games last week, including the final three in a 4-3 overtime victory over previously unbeaten Lakeland.
Age: 17
Other sport you play: Baseball
Favorite sports teams: New England Patriots, Real Madrid and Manchester United.
Athlete you admire: Cristiano Ronaldo. He’s such a great athlete. Watching him play is awesome.
One thing he does you’ve been able to incorporate into your game. I’ve been trying to duplicate his shot, his knuckle on the ball. It’s unbelievable the way his ball knuckles and curves on free kicks, and his play of the game.
That’s got to be a lot tougher for a goalie. How are you doing mastering that? It’s okay. The way I kick the ball, it knuckles, but I haven’t been able to control it.
Have you had one that knuckled and when you trotted away was like a giant YES! inside? It was Senior Night last year and we were tied 2-2 or 3-3. It went to overtime. I was on a throw-in and touched it with my left foot and kicked it from my 20 and the ball knuckled in the corner, hit the post, went across and found netting. We won the game on Senior Night.
Are the guys on the team close? We’re more of a family than a team. We have that family bond.
Do you remember anything about the state title run in 2012? I was a ballboy. I remember. We’d like to make it to states and yeah, bring home another one for Mountain View.
Any pre-game rituals or superstitions? Coach and I have a handshake before the game. Everybody else, we have like a seating chart for the bench. If someone is out of place, the game’s not going really well. When they change, we‘re on our A-game. It’s weird. It works, though.
Three people you’d like to have dinner with? Adam Sandler, Will Ferrell and Seth Rogan.
Who’s the class clown on the team? Probably Anthony Neri.
Not you? You named three comedians you’d like to have dinner with. Anthony likes to have fun a lot and goof around in a good way. He stays focused.