After a sensational start to the season — she won the Northampton Invitational on Saturday — Holy Cross junior cross country runner Lexi Walsh couldn’t be blamed for having great expectations, and not just in her English Lit class.

When you look around and see the level of competition at this event, what are you thinking? You’re in with the big fish now. We don’t worry about stuff like that. We just go out and run and we came in third as a team. We were really happy about that.

I know you haven’t run a league meet yet, but what does this give you in terms of a sense of what lies ahead this season?
We saw how our team was after the summer training. I was proud of my team. I thought we did really well. If we can keep that up during the season. I think we can do really well.

You finished eighth in the state in the cross country meet last season. What does that do for your expectations this year? I’m thinking top 5 or even top 3. But I’m going to work toward my goal, but if I don’t get it, that’s okay because I’ll know I tried.

Do you look at what other runners are doing over the summer? I’m not really worried about what other people are doing. I’m just worried about me.

Your times keep getting better. Is that just the result of physically maturing? I definitely put more mileage in. Running with Abby Corrigan throughout the summer, we’ve been doing really well, working hard. And as a team, we’ve been pushing each other a lot. So I think our summer training was more quality than it was in past years.

How many miles a week do you run? Forty to 45.

During the school year? I hope no less than 35.

Are you a morning or evening runner? When I can, I go in the morning. More last summer than this summer, my dad has to be at work by 7, and I’d always want to go running with him. So I’d get up at 5, go running, come back and take a shower and go back to bed, and he’d go to work.

Have you started to think about what running could do for you in terms of a college education? Some colleges are showing interest, but I just love it so much that I would wan to continue it, and I think I can if I keep working.