The junior pitcher retired 14 of 15 via strikeout and walked just one twirling a no-hitter against Susquehanna, a 7-0 win shortened to five innings because of rain.

Other sport you play: Football

Athletes you admire: Clayton Kershaw and LeBron James.

Teams you follow: Philadelphia Phillies and Pittsburgh Steelers.

Superstitions or rituals on game day: I like to listen to music, but that’s kind of common for a lot of people.

Most famous athlete you’ve met: I’ve met Mike Munchak a couple of times and Jimmy Rollins. I met him when I was 5 or 6. I was at a Phillies game with my brother and they called us out for the Starting Nine (where young fans join Phillies on the field for the national anthem). He went with Ryan Howard and I went with Jimmy Rollins.

Three people you’d like to have dinner with. Will Ferrell, bring some comedy; Barry Bonds, too, because he’s the home run king. Get a couple tips from him. And my gym teacher, Scot Wasilchak.

Who’s been the most influential person on your athletic career? I’d say my parents. Ever since I was real young, especially my dad, he’s always been really involved. He pushes me but at the same time gives me a lot of encouragement and insight on what it takes to be great. Stuff like not making excuses, getting the most out of your time.

What’s the best lesson you’ve ever learned through sports? Never quit because everything, whether it be football or baseball, it can be so unpredictable. It does come down to last second or last pitch. You have to give it your all, never give in, never lose hope.

After high school, what are your plans? I’m not sure about a major yet, but I verbally committed to Delaware to play baseball.

When you saw it getting dark and the rain starting to come down pretty hard, did you change your approach? We did try to pick up the pace in the fifth inning, and it was pretty windy. We knew if we got out of that inning, they were probably going to call the game.

What pitches are in your repertoire? I throw a fastball and curveball also and I’m working on a changeup. It’s not as consistent as I’d like to, and hopefully by next year it will be a valuable pitch in my arsenal.

So much has been made of your success since you switched to a slide step, is it really that simple? I honestly think so. It was a funny thing that happened. Against Blue Ridge, guy on first and he stole second and third. Coach Peters yelled out to me, make sure we’re working on slide-stepping a little more. We noticed I was just hammering the strike zone.