Holy Cross senior Abby Anderson had a triple-double and a pair of 20-plus point games as the Lady Crusaders, ranked second in The Times-Tribune Girls Basketball Poll and third in a statewide poll in Class 3A, won three times to improve to 6-0.

Here’s more from this week’s interview with Anderson, including her future at St. Francis (N.Y.) University, where she has accepted a scholarship to play basketball.

Abby Anderson, right, looks to the basket in a game earler this season against Holy Redeemer.

Abby Anderson, right, looks to the basket in a game earler this season against Holy Redeemer.

What’s going to be your major at St. Francis? Mathematics. I think I want to teach.

Anyone been an influence in that regard? My uncle, Ted (Anderson) is a math teacher. But my math teacher the last two years — I’m taking double match — is Mrs. Marianne Pokoluk. the way she teaches, I love. She gives you a rhyme and a reason for why an equation might work, but then you have to take the next step to figure out a more advanced problem. It teaches your brain how to think and I like that part of it. That’s how I’ve come to love math.

Your team had a scare against Valley View before winning, 44-34. All through the day people were coming up and telling me Valley View was no big deal, but I was telling them they can play a little bit. I knew right from the start it was going to be a bad game. My first layup went in and out. But after halftime, I was like, we need to win this game. I think everyone on Holy Cross’ side was nervous because we were down by one, but we picked it up a little bit.

The offers didn’t come when you expected them because there was confusion over what year you were graduating. I went and visited East Stroudsburg and we were in their one gym, someone was working out and Coach Decker was like, oh, she’s a 2018 (graduate) and my dad told her that I was 2017. They told me they were pretty sure that in every book at every tournament I was at, I was listed as a 2018.

Did you feel a little better finding that out? Yes, but at the same time I was frustrated because the big Washington tournament, in which I played pretty well, those coaches are looking for “now,” and I got barely any calls and I was very confused. But now it all makes sense.

Other than yourself, who’s the best athlete in the family? My cousin in Pittsburgh, Jack Anderson, he’s a baseball player and he’s going to Northwestern to play baseball. I’d say he’s the best athlete in the family. He’s a year younger than me.

Where are you now as a team and where do you need to be? I personally did not think we’d be 6-0 before the holiday. Our practices prior to the first game weren’t clicking. There was no team chemistry, there was noting. It was frustrating from my point of view because I didn’t understand why nothing was working. I feel like after we’ve played six games, we’re okay where we are, but we need to get faster. we’re a little slower than last year and we’re not quite there yet. Abington was a good first-half transition game, but we need to do that in the second half and moving forward.

Biggest improvement in a player on your team, last year to this year. Mollie Burda because she never was an offensive player, but this year she’s looking for her shot more, she’s beating people off the dribble and distributing, which is what she usually does. But she’s also looking for her shot more and taking the ball to the basket herself rather than giving it up.

When did the decision come that it was going to be basketball instead of softball in college, and was that a hard decision? It was a hard decision two years ago, but after last year’s high school season of basketball, where I had a pretty decent season, I was thinking basketball was my sport. After I kept playing and playing and going nonstop with it, I had to go with basketball. Softball when you play in the outfield you might get two plays a game. In basketball, every play is exciting.