After a five-touchdown game against Williamsport, what could Delaware Valley tailback Ryan Obiso do for an encore? How about a 17-carry, 251-yard-yard, two-TD effort in Friday’s 45-7 rout of Scranton.

Age: 18

Other sport you play: Lacrosse

Do you have any superstitions or game-day rituals? No. I play. That’s it.

Athletes you admire? Brandon Marshall and Emmitt Smith.

How did you get started in football? My dad put me in it when I was little and I’ve been playing ever since.

When did you first have a sense you might be a pretty good football player? Freshman year. I had a good season, set a few records.

Your team is 8-0. Did you expect this when the season started? Yes. I knew we were going to have a good season. We all grew up playing together and I know we have a good group of kids.

The last few weeks have been nothing but spectacular for you as an individual. I don’t really think it’s an individual thing. It’s a team effort.

The play “Redskin” was very successful for you, especially in the third quarter when you ran for 175 of your yards. When you guys hear that play called, what’s the feeling? The linemen get very excited as well. Every play they’re telling coach, “Run Redskin, run Redskin. We hate the pass game.”

Most influential person on your athletic career. Coach (Keith) Olsommer. He inspired me to do a lot of different things, how I play, and I understand the game more from him. I try to impress him.

Practice can have its moments where things are pretty loose. Does that help? It helps a lot. Better chemistry, we’re all making jokes at each other the whole practice, but we get done what we have to get done.

Best class you have right now? Psychology. I like the whole aspect behind it.

What’s the best lesson you’ve learned through sports? Keep your head up and finish the game strong no matter what the score is. Keep playing.

Who has made the biggest improvement you’ve seen in a teammate since last season? Our quarterback, Nick Reilly. We were wondering who was going to be our quarterback senior year but Nick really stepped it up this year and showed he could play.

Three people you’d like to have dinner with: My real dad Nick McCormick, Marshawn Lynch and Emmitt Smith.