Hannah Kowalski scored 23 points against Western Wayne and 19 against West Scranton, including the game-winner with 12 seconds remaining in a 51-50 victory. But do you know what show the Abington Heights senior DVRs religiously? Or her favorite team? Read on…

Three people you’d like to have dinner with. Ellen DeGeneres, Jen Seechock and Michael Scott from The Office.

You’re in school when her show is on but do you tape Ellen? I love her. I tape it. She’s the best. She’s so funny.

Other sports you play: Soccer

Teams you follow: North Carolina men’s basketball. My dad and brother were always really big fans. I guess I was just born into it.

Superstitions or rituals on game day? I take a nap before every game and I have a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

Most famous athlete you have met? Amber Jacobs. She was my basketball coach in seventh grade.

When you hurt your knee last April were there any periods of doubt about playing again? That night and the next day, I was really scared because of how much pain I was in. But once I found out it was my meniscus, everyone was pretty confident I’d be able to play. My first thought was ACL and I was scared to death.

You lost the second-half game at Scranton Prep, but the second quarter of that game, you shot it so well (72 percent), does that give you confidence going forward? It kind of shows the potential we have and definitely gave us a lot of confidence, even though we lost.

When did you reach the point being comfortable with the ball in your hands late in games? I think I’ve always been comfortable to take the shot, but don’t know if I’m always the best person to take the shot. There are other girls on the team who can take the shot if they have a better opportunity.

Who is the most influential person on your athletic career? That’s really tough. Probably Mrs. (Deanna) Klingman. She’s been more than just a coach to me.

One athlete on another team whose game you really respect? Claire Szymanski from Prep. She’s one of my really good friends and she can shoot the ball lights out. She’s one of those kids who is a really good teammate and really supportive, and I would love to have her on my team.

Biggest improvement for one player on your team from last year to this year. Sharon Houlihan. She’s really stepped up for us shooting the ball and I think the biggest thing is her confiedence. She’s a completely different player than she was last year. And she has no problem taking that last shot either. That’s been big for us down the stretch.

After high school, what are your plans? I don’t know where I want to go yet, but I think I want to major in biology. (Playing) is on the table. I’m not 100 percent sure yet.