Joey FerrettiThe Valley View senior won the District 2 Class AA singles tournament. Here’s more from his interview.
Favorite sports team: Los Angeles Lakers.
Athletes you admire: Kobe Bryant, Tiger Woods and Roger Federer. Just their determination to win.
Favorite movie: Like Mike.
New question we’re testing out for the Athletes of the Week: Who is the most famous person in your phone? (Valley View pitcher) Max Kranick.
What about the Holy Cross match felt so good? I played Jimmy Tressler back in the season, just a normal season match, and I won, 6-3, 6-3. But during our playoff match, I won, 6-0, 6-1, and I was just hitting the ball so good, like one double fault I had that match, I figured out what to do with my serve — everything was clicking at the right moment. It was a week before the district, I was like this might be meant to be. Just felt really good.
How does it feel to repeat? I feel really grateful that I did it. …  I even worked harder this year, I felt like. And just to especially beat Tony and Pete, that were really playing at the top of their game this year, and they’re good friends off the court of mine, and just know that I pulled together at the right moment to beat them in two close matches.
Now you’re heading back to states. Last year, I lost my first-round match. I kind of got whooped. But I think last year I was kind of a little nervous, a little fired up. I wasn’t calm. This year I think I feel a lot better just knowing what to expect down there and knowing the scenery with all the people, the coaches, colleges down there. Anything can happen. All these kids, some of them are going to be on their game, some might not be. I just know I hope I’m on my game that day just to bring whatever at them I can.
Do you plans for after graduation? Yeah, I’m going to Temple University for a major in accounting.