The only wrestler Nick Carr lost to en route to his 160-pound PIAA Class AAA bronze medal was the eventual state champion. In this AOW extras, Carr talks about what made the champ so tough, whether he has bragging rights over his brother and — since he said he’d like to have dinner with Wonder Woman, Spider-Man and Sandra Bullock — which super hero would make the best wrestler.

Nick CarrYou have to be really dedicated to be good at wrestling, don’t you? Yeah. I think it’s just because there’s so many kids putting in such a high work ethic in this sport, that if you don’t (too), you’re not going to be successful.

Your brother, Mat, has a fourth-place state medal and you have a third. Have you started bragging yet? I actually haven’t. But after my match, one of my teammates (Scott Jacoby) was in the stands next to me, and I gave my brother a hug and I gave him a hug, and (Scott) goes, ‘Wait, Mat, does this mean Nick’s better than you?’

So, does it mean you’re better than him? I actually don’t know. I like to think that, yeah. I’m not sure. I respect my brother a lot as a wrestler. I still look up to him.

In your first match Saturday, you lost to eventual state champion Kaleb Young of Punxsutawney. I lost pretty bad to that kid, but I felt I could have made it a more competitive match. I think that I just got over it because I know that kid is ranked 2nd in the country. He pinned every other kid so far, and I wasn’t going to let that streak continue. So, I guess I felt happy, in a way, but I was also upset that I didn’t win.

What made him so good? He just had really good re-shots. Off of my attacks, he just had really strong re-attacks. He’s just a strong kid, quick — he knew what he was doing.

This was your only time competing at states. Did you feel pressure to take advantage of your only chance? I was just going to enjoy my time there and I was just going to wrestle my hardest and see what I could do.

Wonder Woman and Spider-Man: do you like comics? Not really. But my little brother always watches cartoons, superhero shows, so whenever I’m watching TV I’m with him.

Who’s your favorite Spider-Man? I like the one where he becomes the black Spider-Man in the third one. The Tobey Maguire one. But I do like the new ones, too. They have really cool effects.

Are you excited for Batman vs. Superman? I am, yeah.

Who would you take in a matchup between those guys? Realistically, I think Superman would win, but I think in the movie, Batman wins.

Would Superman be the best superhero wrestler? Probably the Hulk.

Editor’s note: Would the Hulk be entered in the heavyweight class? Or could he get in at Bruce Banner’s weight and then turn into the Hulk? He’d probably be fine in either class, but if it’s the latter, he’d be incredible.