A grand jury presentment unsealed Monday makes a strong case that state Attorney General Kathleen Kane lied under oath and abused the power of her office to smite political enemies. She has denied any wrongdoing, and is presumed innocent until proven otherwise. One of her attorneys said she welcomed the release of the presentment.

 “We want the entire record open,” Kane attorney Amil Minora said. “We have nothing to hide.”

That’s an odd statement, considering the 27-page presentment is about as damning as a court document gets. Read it here. Read Times-Tribune Staff Writer Terrie Morgan-Besecker‘s story here. If Ms. Kane is innocent, she should welcome the chance to have her day in court. Those she claims (and not without cause) are out to get here would be compelled to testify under oath.

Then again, so would Ms. Kane.

 The decision falls to Montgomery County District Attorney Risa Ferman, who is conducting her own probe to determine whether the attorney general should face charges of perjury, false swearing, abuse of office and obstructing the administration of law. Reading the presentment, I don’t see how Ms. Ferman could fail to file.

The narrative is consistent with a willful, impulsive manager whose fragile ego won’t allow her to accept the counsel of experienced advisers who disagree with her misperception of reality. They testified under oath, too. To assume Ms. Kane told the truth, one must assume they lied.

Maybe they did. Maybe she did. The best way to sort this mess out is in a courtroom before a jury. Either way, Ms. Kane deserves her day in court.