I love politicians and their ironic affiliations.

For example, of course, someone named Donald Trump would own casinos. Some gamblers play trump cards.

In this governor’s race, we have a couple.

Republican candidate Scott Wagner touts his successful ownership of a trash-hauling business. Garbage stinks, but Wagner lives in Spring Garden Twp.

Democratic Gov. Tom Wolf lives in Mount Wolf, which is named after his ancestors as I recall.

Both live in York County. No irony there, but feel free to infer it and let me know.

Republican Laura Ellsworth wants voters to elect her governor of Pennsylvania, but she lives in Ohio Twp. (in Allegheny County).

Mangos grow on Mango trees, but Paul Mango lives in Pine Twp. (in Allegheny County). OK, maybe that one’s a peach, sorry, a reach.