Hey guys,

We’re going to keep going with our series on knots. This time it’s going to be the bowline (pronounced Boh-lin) and the slipknot. It’s two for Tuesday after all. Again, these are pretty simple knots but useful. A lot of these will be part of more complicated stuff we will get into soon.

First, let’s start with the bowline.

First cross the rope over itself


Now, take the working end and bring it from behind and through the already existing loop.


Here’s the key move. Take the working end and put it under the standing end. Don’t get ahead of yourself. As you’re learning, stop there.


Next, take the working end and pull it through the loop created in the last step.


You can then pull both the standing end and working end at the same time and it will tighten into a bowline knot.

Here’s a quick video on it as well.

Now, let’s tackle the slipknot.

Make a loop in your rope like this.


On the working end, make a bite (that’s just a crimp in the rope).


Now take that bite and pull it through your loop from underneath.


Now just pull it tight. This is what the finished knot looks like


A wider view of the finished knot.

The how-to video below.

Now, we can’t talk about the slipknot without squeezing in a little video of the best slipknot ever, brought to you by the Grateful Dead and one of their all-time great between-songs transitions. Help on the Way –> Slipknot –> Franklin’s Tower.

“May the four winds blow you safely home,” friends.