Hi there!

I guess an introduction is in order before we get too far. My name is Chad Sebring and I’m the news editor here at The Times-Tribune. That’s just another way of saying I work a lot of nights, write some headlines and edit stories from our writing staff.

But you’re likely not here for that stuff because this is a backpacking blog … well mostly anyway. I’ve been trying to think of a way outside of sharing some photos on Facebook and Insta to show the places I go and things I see and figured there’s a lot of you out there who have the same interest and might want to share some of your photos, trips and ideas as well.

So here’s the deal. I’m going to post things pretty regularly. Some of it will be hikes, others might deal with a little trail running, some might be equipment reviews, how to volunteer, etc. There will likely be some obscure musical references tossed in and maybe a little car camping as well. We’re going to see where the trail takes us. If it has to do generally with being outside and enjoying the land, we will probably tackle it. Hence, the name Trail Mix. (Also because a solid 90 percent of my diet is peanuts, raisins and M&Ms.)

We are not going to stay just local, either. Part of the fun of hiking and backpacking is the travel to other parts of the country and the towns we visit. Some of the hikes will be easy, others will be hard. I’ll try to be specific in any maps that we share, but I’m directionally challenged so bear with me there.

I’ll share this blog regularly on Facebook and Twitter. You will always be able to find it at www.thetimes-tribune.com under the Blogs section. You can also visit The Times-Tribune Facebook page or Twitter @timestribune. I’ll also post to my Twitter @chadsebring and Insta @chaddsebring  as well.

This should be a great time. My hope is that we get a lot of people who want to share their stuff. I can go on and on but we’d rather hear from you and your experiences. So let’s get this going and see what we can find!

You can email me photos, ideas, your own blog post at: csebring@timesshamrock.com