Hey loyal readers. I’ve got a treat for you today. We’ve got a guest columnist. Assistant News Editor Cecilia Baress is taking you to Rhode Island for some music and a walk along a cliff. Enjoy!
Listen up, music lovers: You can’t go wrong with a trip to Newport, Rhode Island.
The New England city plays annual host to two major music festivals, usually held within a week of each other: the Newport Folk Festival and the Newport Jazz Festival.
If you can swing the extra time off, tack a day onto your trip to explore the area. And since we all know you love the outdoors (you’re reading this blog, after all), you definitely need to check out the Cliff Walk.
The 3.5-mile National Recreation Trail snakes along the coast behind some of Newport’s historic mansions. It’s easy to access the trail at Memorial Boulevard, near Easton’s Beach (or First Beach), or at Narragansett Avenue (where you’ll also find public restrooms). If you can’t walk or bike, you might have to pay to park. A lot at Easton’s Beach charges $10 if you want to make a day of it. There are a limited number of meter spaces along Memorial Boulevard, as well as meter spaces on Narragansett Avenue.
The paved segment that runs from Memorial Boulevard to Narragansett Avenue, is an easy walk, but what it lacks in physical challenges it makes up for with breathtaking views of Easton Bay. Along the way, you may notice a few unpaved offshoots that take you down a rockier path for a better view of the sea. If you’re an adventurous hiker with a good sense of balance, clamber down at your own risk.
The Cliff Walk is divided into five segments of increasing difficulty. You can find descriptions of them, along with an annotated Google map of the trail, including pictures and nearby attractions, at http://www.cliffwalk.com/.
To learn about National Recreation Trails Program, visit https://www.americantrails.org/national-recreation-trails/about.