Hey gang!

Let’s do a quick wrap up of what went on this morning. It’s got a little outdoors, a little running, some rain and great people.

I did the Ronald McDonald House Apple 5K at Roba Family Orchard. It’s a terrific race and obviously for a great cause. Just a quick note. Pretty much every weekend from spring through fall and even some in the winter you can find a race if running is your thing. All of them help out great charities, usually have entrance fees around $20 or $25 and walkers are welcome if running is not your thing. They are a great chance to get outside and maybe even meet some great people. I’ve been saying for awhile the running, hiking, outdoor community has some of the friendliest people you will ever meet. It’s just true. I know since I started running again about eight years ago, my circle of really close friends has grown dramatically.

So about that race. It’s a 5K, which is 3.1 miles, and it went through the orchard at Roba’s on dirt roads. In this case it was two laps. I loved it. You start by bombing downhill at pretty close to a sprint, because ya know, it’s racing, and then it was a steady climb for most of the first lap. And yes, it was raining and raining hard at times but, honestly, no one cared. This was a little different because it was such a unique setting for a race. Going through an orchard on a farm with a couple hundred other runners was just cool. I’m not going to get into a bunch of race details but trust me, if you’re into this kind of things, put it on your list. As part of the entrance fee, there is admission for the whole family to go and enjoy the orchard and all of the cool stuff to do at Roba’s after the race. I didn’t get a chance to stick around but it looked great.

I will say this though. I run a LOT of races. The thing I almost always take away from them is the effort volunteers put in to make these happen. It’s a big thing. For most of us, we show up, register, put a bib on, race and then go about our days. The volunteers are there early and they stay late and they always have a smile and seem genuinely happy you are there. So a GIANT thank you to everyone who puts in the time to make all of these races successful.

If I take one thing away from this race, it’s going to be from the finish line. I found about this race from a friend Chrissy Kelly and she encouraged me to run it. When I finished, she was standing at the finish , draped in poncho and a bunch of medals in her hand. When I got done, she put a medal around my neck and gave me a high five. It seems like a small thing but it’s an incredibly cool thing to see a friend greet you at the finish with a giant smile and a medal. I suppose there is probably one thing I take away from most races and, in this case, it will be that memory.

Thank you to everyone who made this race happen!