Hey gang,
We’re going to do this quickly today and give you some reasons trail running beats the crap out of road running.
Well, really I’m going to give you a few things about hitting the trails that maybe you didn’t consider. Then you can judge if any of them resonate with you. A majority of my running is now on trails, although it’s not exclusive. Logistics alone make it impossible. It’s just too easy to walk out of the office and go for a quick run downtown. But, yeah, trail running rocks and it’s worth a little extra effort.
Here we go.
  1. I have zero evidence to back this up, but it feels like a more complete workout. It just seems like your whole body is working to maintain balance and speed. Different muscles ache after trail time.
  2. You HAVE to be on your toes. Plowing through miles on the road really just involves even strides and one foot in front of the other. In the woods, roots, rocks, downed trees, kamikaze chipmunks affect every step. You have to shorten your stride and pay closer attention to what you’re doing in that moment. You’re constantly making decisions about where to step. Sometimes sideways is the move. Trails change and have things like rocks and stumps that can either propel you forward or plant you nose first. That doesn’t happen a ton on the road.
  3. To me there is nothing more deflating than being on the road and having a long straight stretch of road in front of you. Little chance of that on the trails. Switchbacks are common and seeing your destination is pretty much a waste of time. There can be crazy steep uphills. I know this is weird, but hills where you have to use your hands to push your thighs down to get up them are sexy.
  4. Conversely, downhills can be a little out of control. I don’t actually know if this is true for good trail runners, but it’s true for me and that’s a huge draw.
  5. I don’t even consider pace and stuff like that. It’s just running, sometimes slow, sometimes fast. I don’t recall ever being bored on a trail.
That’s it friends. Peace. See ya tomorrow.