One sure sign a politician facing re-election senses trouble for his chances comes from his or her advertising.
Mayor Bill Courtright can tell the $195 million Scranton Sewer Authority sale has people really angry.
You can tell because last week his campaign mailed thousands of these 8-inch-by-6-inch postcards to voters trying again to explain the sale and why it had to happen. It’s six weeks before the election has he’s already sending this out. 

That Courtright has to put out something like this to explain the sale just underscores the poor job City Hall has done explaining the rationale for it, even though the sale clearly has the city headed out of financial distress. (The label on the postcard is just my way of obscuring the name of the person who got it.)  Courtright faces Republican lawyer Jim Mulligan, the only other candidate on the ballot. Writer and former Libertarian candidate Gary St. Fleur and former independent candidate Giovanni Piccolino are still planning write-in vote campaigns, even though they got knocked off the ballot by Republican challenges.