Facebook unveiled something called its Ad Archive Report this week.

Now you can go to a website and look up what political candidates have spent on Facebook ads.

From May through Saturday, Facebook reported advertisers spent $256,392,363 on 1,677,184 ads.

Naturally, I checked on our politicians running for office – for governor, U.S. Senate and the three local congressional seats.

Democratic Gov. Tom Wolf leads the way. Wolf’s campaign committee spent $195,131 on 530 ads.

His Republican opponent, former state senator Scott Wagner, has spent $154,782 on 43 ads.

The number of ads apparently has to do with differing content not how many times it has appeared.

It looks like Wolf’s people changed up his ads a lot more.

Here’s the rest of our local list in order of spending:

— U.S. Sen. Bob Casey, $123,893/362 ads

— U.S. Rep. Lou Barletta’s Senate campaign, $39,831/37

— John Chrin for Congress, $22,391/40

— Dan Meuser for Congress, $13,691/35

— U.S. Rep. Matt Cartwright’s campaign, $8,842/76

— U.S. Rep. Tom Marino’s campaign, $2,500/2

— Marc Friedenberg for Congress, $1,159/2

— Denny Wolff for Congress, $273/4

In case you don’t know, Casey and Barletta face each other for the U.S. Senate seat; Wagner and Wolf for governor; Chrin and Cartwright for the 8th Congressional District seat; Meuser and Wolff for the 9th Congressional District seat; and Marino and Friedenberg for the 12th Congressional District seat.

Barletta’s official House office also spent $10,351 on 11 ads between mid-July and mid-August. The ads asked people if they support sanctuary cities, and invited viewers to examine his positions on paid family leave, abortion, school safety, opioid abuse and veterans care.

None of the other incumbents ran ads from their official offices.

Facebook spent more than $12 million itself and it’s the top spender.

The top political spender was Beto O’Rourke, the Democrat taking on Republican Sen. Ted Cruz. O’Rourke spent $5,373,435 on 6,024 ads.

The Make America Great Again Committee, which supports President Donald Trump, was next up with $3,144,921 on 50,148 ads.

Trump’s presidential committee also spent $1,632,740 on 55,998 ads.