If you’re looking for something to do, you can go to The New York Times website and watch polling in action in a local congressional race.

The newspaper’s politics page known as The Upshot is showing polling in real time. As the poll collects data, it goes right up on the website.

The Times has done that for a bunch of races across the country and began polling in the 8th Congressional District race Tuesday night. 

That’s the one between Rep. Matt Cartwright and Republican ex-Wall Street banker John Chrin.

You can see the poll in real time here. They explain what they’re doing here. They explain their methodology here. They typically call only during the evening so you won’t see any changes to the numbers during the day. 

The pollsters work off voter registration lists. They called 1,672 voters last night in the 8th district, but only received 41 responses, which is not unusual any more and a reason polling accuracy has slipped. Ask the statisticians why. I sort of understand it, but not well enough to explain it. 

So we’re about to get what we rarely get – a public poll in a local congressional race.