Teddy Daniels and John Chrin have at least one thing in common.

When they announced they would run for Congress against U.S. Rep. Matt Cartwright, neither was registered to vote in Pennsylvania.

Chrin, a Lehigh County native, still lived in New Jersey in 2017, and didn’t move back to the Keystone State until later in the year.

Daniels’ residency is unclear to me, mainly because he won’t call me back and I can’t find anything about him living in Pennsylvania. At one time, he ran quite a security business in Colorado protecting legal marijuana products dispensaries.

Daniels promotes himself as a wounded Afghanistan war veteran, pro-Trump, conservative Republican.

Voter registration records show six people named Theodore Daniels in Pennsylvania, but none are Republicans, and none live in the 8th Congressional District. Cartwright, a Moosic Democrat, represents the 8th.

Four are Democrats and two have no affiliation. Two of the Democrats live in Kingsley, Susquehanna County, the other two in Philadelphia. The unaffiliated live in York and Adams counties.

The Aug. 6 news release announcing Daniels’ run is datelined “Avoca, Pa.,” which is in the 8th Congressional District.

He still has time to register in Pennsylvania because the next congressional election isn’t until November 2020.

It’s possible Teddy is a nickname and Daniels’ first name is different so he’s registered under a different name.

I tried to reach Daniels several times and asked him to call me. So far, he hasn’t.

Daniels has talked to at least three conversative talk-show hosts, according to posts on his Facebook page, which also shows he appeared at LaFesta Italiana last weekend.

Chrin lost to Cartwright last year with his residency playing a major role in his defeat.