For John Chrin, help is on the way.

The Republican 8th Congressional District candidate hoping to send Democratic U.S. Rep. Matt Cartwright back to practicing law has spent mostly his own campaign’s money – also known as his own money – on television commercials praising himself and attacking Cartwright since mid July.

This week, the National Republican Congressional Committee, apparently impressed by Chrin’s efforts, will send start spending $500,000 to air commercials on broadcast and cable TV and digital platforms through the rest of this month.

After that, the NRCC will likely assess whether it’s worth spending more money on Chrin. The former Wall Street executive represents Republicans’ best chance at flipping a seat in Pennsylvania, where Democrats hope to pick up as many as six seats in their quest to regain control of the U.S. House.

President Donald Trump won the 8th – newly formed in a February state Supreme Court rewrite of district boundaries – by 10 percentage points.

The NRCC named Chrin as one of 11 “young guns” back on June 29. The list includes Marty Nothstein in the 7th district, which encompasses Allentown and the rest of Lehigh County.

He and Cartwright have ripped away at each other in their own campaign ads.

Chrin criticizes Cartwright for supporting sanctuary cities and ties to House Democratic Leader Nancy Peloski while Cartwright has ripped Chrin as a Wall Street banker who actually lives in New Jersey and wants to cut Social Security and Medicare.

Chrin denies wanting to cut either.

Mike Szustak, Cartwright’s campaign spokesman, shot back in an email.

“Apparently, the $1.4 million check John Chrin wrote to his campaign hasn’t been enough to change what everyone knows: that he is a Wall Street banker from New Jersey – out of touch with NEPA,” Szustak said. “Evidently, he couldn’t buy the seat on his own, so the NRCC is riding in from DC to try to save the day. It won’t work. Matt Cartwright has spent years building a reputation as a hard-working legislator who does the right things for this area. More smears and lies aren’t going to change that truth.”