If you want more evidence that U.S. Rep. Tom Marino will soon have a new job, look no further than his latest campaign finance report.

Marino’s campaign committee raised only $35,210 in the first quarter of this year, his lowest amount in January-March contributions in eight years of campaigning for Congress.

You don’t need to raise money to run for Congress if you won’t serve in Congress.

In case you missed it, multiple sources have told The Times-Tribune and other news media, President Donald Trump plans to name Marino the nation’s drug czar. Marino was one of the president’s earliest congressional supporters.

When Marino first ran in 2010 to unseat Democratic Rep. Chris Carney, he raised $110,623 in the first quarter.

He has only raised less than six figures once. In 2011, right after winning his first election, he raised only $60,234.

In 2012, his first re-election campaign, he raised $158,670, his high point for first-quarter fundraising.

He still has $142,684 left.

Marino never liked fundraising even when he ran for Congress. He told me that back in 2010 during his first bid. He especially disliked asking then when people still struggled with the recession, the one that he blames President Barack Obama for failing to fix fast enough.

Marino represents the 10th Congressional District, which includes all or part of 15 counties in northeast and central Pennsylvania.