Good day.

OK, it took longer than anticipated, but the Lackawanna League concluded this week. Now Abington Heights (14-0) won the league title officially on April 27 in what seems like a lifetime ago. And the final matches were finished May 3.

The first District 2 tournament to begin will be for the team championships.

  • Abington Heights has won four straight Class 3A team titles.
  • Scranton Prep has won four straight Class 2A team titles.

There will be three teams from the Lackawanna League in the Class 3A tournament, while there will be five playing in the Class 2A tournament after Montrose defeated Tunkhannock in a play-in match last week.

So here is what we are looking at (weather permitting because I hear there may be snow flurries Monday):


Monday’s first round
5-Delaware Valley (9-5) at 4-Pittston Area (7-3), 4 p.m.
6-Scranton (8-6) at 3-Crestwood (9-1), 4 p.m.
Tuesday’s semifinals
at Kirby Park
Delaware Valley/Pittston Area vs. 1-Abington Heights (14-0)
Scranton/Crestwood winner vs. 2-Williamsport (12-1)
Tuesday’s final
at Kirby Park
Semifinal winners


Monday’s quarterfinals
8-Montrose (8-7) at 1-Wyoming Seminary (10-0), 4 p.m.
5-Western Wayne (11-3) at 4-Holy Cross (11-3), University of Scranton, 4 p.m.
6-Valley View (11-3) at 3-Holy Redeemer (8-2), 4 p.m.
7-Dallas (5-5) at 2-Scranton Prep (13-1), 4 p.m.
Tuesday’s semifinals
at Kirby Park
Montrose/Wyoming Seminary winner vs. Western Wayne/Holy Cross winner
Valley View/Holy Redeemer winner vs. Dallas/Scranton Prep winner
Tuesday’s final
at Kirby Park
Semifinal winners





OK, this in the final poll for the season. Obviously their records speak for themselves here. Tarquin McGurrin steamrolled through the regular season, so he is the easy pick for the No. 1 player. The Scranton Prep and Abington Heights lineups produce a lot of talent year-in and year-out.





1. Tarquin McGurrin, Scranton Prep (14-0)
  • Unbeaten. … Simple as that.


2. Bailey Harris, Abington Heights (11-1)
  • Only loss was to McGurrin at No. 1 singles.



3. Timmy Christman, Abington Heights (14-0)
  • Unbeaten at No. 2 singles and would be a No. 1 at all other schools.


4. Austin Mackey, Valley View (12-2)
  • Emerged as a strong No. 1 and should earn a good seed in first year of singles.


5. Jimmy Tressler, Holy Cross (11-3)
  • Has losses to the top players in the poll and should also be a top 8 seed for districts.


Honorable mention: Jack Habeeb (Scranton Prep, 13-1); Brian Ostrowski (Abington Heights, 13-1); Rhys Kelly (Scranton Prep, 13-0); Mike Felins (North Pocono, 9-5); Tomas Reece (Delaware Valley, 10-4); Adam Long (North Pocono, 10-3); Jack Tuman (Western Wayne, 10-4); Bobby Craig (Valley View, 10-4); Logan Gregory (Holy Cross, 11-3).





Abington Heights
Bailey Harris

1. Abington Heights (14-0)
  • Winners of the Lackawanna League and the No. 1 seed for District 2 Class 3A playoffs.


2. Scranton Prep (12-1)
  • No. 2 seed for the District 2 Class 2A playoffs.


3. Western Wayne (11-3)
  • Most wins in a season since 2003 and qualified for first D2 Class 2A playoffs.


4. Valley View (11-3)
  • Will be the No. 6 seed for the District 2 Class 2A playoffs.


5. Holy Cross (11-3)
  • Will be the No. 4 seed for the District 2 Class 2A playoffs.




Here are the final singles records for players in the regular season of the Lackawanna League. I know my good friend Mike Ognosky will use these to his advantage as we get closer to the District 2 seeding meeting.



  • May 11: District 2 Singles First Three Rounds at Kirby Park and Wilkes University, Wilkes-Barre
  • May 12: District 2 Singles Semifinals and Finals at at Kirby Park, Wilkes-Barre
  • May 17: District 2 Doubles First Three Rounds at Kirby Park and Wilkes University, Wilkes-Barre
  • May 18: District 2 Doubles Semifinals and Finals at Kirby Park, Wilkes-Barre



That is all for this week.

Enjoy the autumn weather over the next few days and hope we get a chance to play the tournaments both outdoors and on time.