Tunkhannock was the visiting team (which is odd considering it won the championship bracket) at Breen Field.

From Game Changer:




  • Paige Marabell strikeout. 1 OUT
  • Cali Wisnosky grounds out to first. 2 OUTS
  • Sydney Huff walks.
  • Erin Van Ness singled; Huff advances to second.
  • Huff advances to third on an error.
  • Alexis Gilroy singles and drives in a run. TUNKHANNOCK 1, RHODE ISLAND 0
  • Hannah James singles to load bases. Van Ness to third; Gilroy to second.
  • Ella McNeff strikes out. 3 OUTS


Notes: Gilroy battled and won in a 9-pitch at-bat; James had her fifth hit in seven at-bats in the tournament.


Tunkhannock 1, Rhode Island 0





  • Kaya Hannon

    Gabrielle Jeffrey bunted an out to pitcher Kaya Hannon. 1 OUT

  • Giselle Jeffrey drew a walk.
  • Sofia Marella grounded into a fielder’s choice — Hannah James to Ella McNeff. 2 OUTS
  • Gabrielle Valletta strikes out. 3 OUTS


Note: Tunkhannock pitcher Kaya Hannon has 33 strikeouts in tournament.


END 4: Tunkhannock 1, Rhode Island 0.






  • Ava Santo singled to left, advanced to second on an error.
  • Arghennis Disla lined out to Sydney Huff at first. 1 OUT
  • Paige Cote bunted back to pitcher. Play at the plate, but Santo scores. RHODE ISLAND 1, TUNKHANNOCK 1
  • Cote advanced to second on error.
  • Alessandra Messina strikes out. 2 OUTS
  • Samantha Healy grounded out to SS Ella McNeff. 3 OUTS


END 5: Tunkhannock 1, Rhode Island 1.





TOP SEVENTH (Extra Innings)


  • Rhode Island pitching change: Samantha Healy in for Paige Cote

Note: Paige Cote in 26 innings pitched gave up 23 hits and had 25 Ks.

  • Hannah James strikes out. 1 OUT
  • Ella McNeff bunts and reaches on an error and advances all the way to third.
  • Elaina Kulsicavage bunted into a fielder’s choice Healy goes home, but McNeff is SAFE. Tunkhannock 2, Rhode Island 1.
  • Kulsicavage steals second.
  • Kaya Hannon pops out to SS. Kulsicavage holds. 2 OUTS
  • Paige Marabell pops out to pitcher Samantha Healy. 3 OUTS


Tunkhannock 2, Rhode island 1.





BOTTOM SEVENTH (Extra Innings)


  • Gabrielle Valletta flies out to Hannah James at second. 1 OUT
  • Ava Santo draws a walk.
  • Ava Santo steals second. 
  • Ava Santo steals third
  • Arghennis Disla strikes out. 2 OUTS
  • Paige Cote grounds out to SS Ella McNeff. 3 OUTS


FINAL: Tunkhannock 2, Rhode Island 1.