J.P. Feyereisen had come to terms with it. He was in the final hours of enjoying a full head of hair.

“It’s fun to style it every day, but it gets hot,” he said before the RailRiders’ game against Durham on Thursday.

Feyereisen, clubby Timmy Drewes and strength and conditioning coach Brady Hyde were among several RailRiders personnel to shave their heads for cancer research on the field after the game. Feyereisen raised $1,202 with Vs. Cancer to benefit the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation.

“It’s basically giving kids another chance that are struggling because they have no option with this,” Feyereisen said. “It happens to them, and there’s nothing they can do about it. So, hopefully, raising this money, gives them a chance to play baseball or do something that kids their age should be able to do.

“I have a ton of family members that are younger. If one of my cousins were in these kids’ shoes, then I’d want to be able to help them out in some way.”


As for the new haircut, Feyereisen was ready to go.

“I think I shaved it once before, because when I was a kid, I tried to cut my own hair. My mom’s a hair stylist, so she just shaved it,” he said.