The NFL Combine is under way, although most of what is going on at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis today is stuff that even the most ardent NFL fan won’t be able to see on the NFL Network.

But if you’re interested in how the Penn State contingent — receiver Chris Godwin and defensive end Garrett Sickels — will do in their first trip back to Indy since winning the Big Ten Championship Game at Lucas Oil Stadium there on Dec. 3, here’s a glimpse as to when they’ll be conducting their on-field workouts, as part of the complete schedule of events for the Combine.


Group 1 (PK, ST, OL)
Group 2 (OL)
Group 3 (RB)


Group 4 (QB, WO)
Group 5 (QB, WO)
Group 6 (TE)


Group 7 (DL)
Group 8 (DL)
Group 9 (LB)


Group 10 (DB)
Group 11 (DB)

So, in short, Godwin will run his 40-yard dash and do his on-field drills on Saturday,l and Sickels will go on Sunday. I’ll have updates on their performances here on the Blog, as I always do. So, stay tuned.

Of course, the Combine isn’t all 40-yard dashes and 3-cone drills. The medical testing will be done two days before the on-field workouts. The  psychological testing and bench presses will be done the day before.